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Please read and enjoy, and if you have any comments feel free to email me. I don't mind if you use parts or sections in your own sermons or writings, but please do make credit me in accordance with normal academic standards. And please send me a note to let me how and in what context you did - I'm always curious where I'm quoted. Thank you!

All sermons are in pdf format.

January 9, 2011 - In response to shootings in Tucson as well as other bad things happening in the US and the world
January 16, 2011 - John the Baptist calls Jesus the "Son of God" and "Lamb of God"

Some other writings:

These are articles I wrote for the Leader-Telegram's "Matter of Faith" or "Quality Times" columns.

The Easter "Ahhhhh...."
Give Thanks With More Than Words - As the prophets in the Old Testament as well as Jesus constantly proclaimed, acts mean far more than words.
I Was Saved on The First Easter - not saved by some decision by me, or at some time in my life because of some experience I had; no, we and all creation were all saved the day Jesus rose from the tomb.
Not Mutually Exclusive The Bible does not deny the truth of science.
Read a Book - Intellectual engagement with the world, including through the arts, is an important Christian discipline. Books are one avenue to that end, so go read some!

I also have some articles at the Clergy Letter Project, which is dedicated to the truth that science and religion can exist together; that faithful people don't have to ignore science to stay true to the faith (as the creation science/intelligent design movement proclaims), and that scientific people don't have to disregard the truth of religious expression, belief, and experience (as some atheists proclaim). See also the UCC's Not Mutually Exclusive campaign.

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